Does this scene look familiar?

Does this scene look familiar?



I hope to inspire those of you who are not quite ready to reach out to a professional organizer. Whether it is because you are overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done, lacking the will to commit time or energy to an organizing project, or embarrassed by the state of your closet/pantry/garage/sock drawer/entire house… please let me assure you, we can do this. Sí, se puede.

Many friends have said to me, “Jen, I would love to work with you, but I’m embarrassed… you’ll be shocked by what you see. You haven’t seen anything this bad.” 

To this I reply, “No, I actually won’t be shocked. And yes, I actually have seen worse!” (I love to watch HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE). I promise you, you’re not that bad. 

We all have our insecurities about how people see our personal space. I clean my house before my housecleaner arrives on Monday morning! (Or I should say, I organize before she cleans, but hey, I’m a professional organizer. So cut me some slack). 

This is not about me - nor any of your friends or family for that matter - judging the cleanliness of your house. We are all human, and without systems of organization, stuff piles up. This is about us working together as a team to figure out how best to manage your belongings in a manner that brings you peace of mind and a sense of calm. 

We can do this. Sí, se puede.

Let me share what my friend KB said after we organized her dining room before the holidays: “I host my in-laws for Thanksgiving every year. It’s always fun to have them over, but I’m usually pretty stressed about having so many people in my house. This year was really special because I felt like my room looked great and I was excited to show it off. ” (FYI: in addition to going through KB’s dishes, glasses and serving pieces, we also removed a pair of fly fishing pants and several boxes of golf balls from the dining room! Clutter happens.)

Please know this: I love organizing. I love the entire process: the assessing, the purging, the donating, the arranging and the making pretty of what is left. My guess is you hate it. But I truly enjoy helping clients take their space from disorganized and stressful to something that is functional and enjoyable. My guess is you could love this too.