My Story

When I was a kid, my best friend and I would stay up all night at our sleepovers. No, not to watch movies or talk on the phone or gossip, but to… clean out our closets. Seriously. 

We’d take everything off the shelves and furniture, get rid of (or trade) unwanted items, spiff up the empty space, and then place it all back in a neat and tidy arrangement. Is that weird? Yes, it probably is.

Fast forward thirty-something years and I’m a mom of three, former teacher, music fanatic and wannabe fruit and vegetable farmer. 

Most importantly: I love to organize! Sure, an alphabetized spice drawer, labeled toy bins and clothing arranged in ROYGBIV order are all nice to look at. But being organized means more to me than simple aesthetics.

When I'm organized, I save time because I know where to find my things. I save money by not purchasing duplicate items. I work more efficiently and therefore have time to do the things I love (you know, like organize your house). Eliminating clutter brings me energy, focus, and peace of mind. Ommm...