What I do: 

Together, you and I will develop systems of organization that work for you in your space. The goal is not only to get organized, but to stay organized. More specifically, I will: 

  • Help you sort through your belongings
  • Discard or donate unwanted items
  • Recommend (and shop for, if needed) storage solutions
  • Label and organize wanted items
  • Follow up with organizational recommendations

What I don’t do:

  • Interior design: I love it, but it’s not my specialty. Happy to refer you to my favorite professionals, however.
  • Cleaning: your project may require heavy duty cleaning, repairs, or painting. Again, this is best left to other professionals.
  • Hoarding or squalor conditions: this is a sensitive psychological condition that I am not qualified to address.


  • $75 hourly fee for organizing in the home, shopping for storage solutions or researching solutions online.
  • I will travel to any location within one half hour's distance from Lafayette for free. Hourly fee applies after first half hour of travel. 
  • 10% of fee donated to Contra Costa Interfaith Housing (see Giving Back).
  • Free introductory phone or email consultation.